Archives of Japan – My first Photo Walk in Yokohama Chinatown

In 2008, Scott Kelby of PhotoshopUserTV, and everything Adobe-fame hosted his first World Wide Photo Walk. I really liked the idea, but I’m such an introvert I didn’t want to join a group of folks I didn’t know.

A couple of years passed and I had wanted to do the walks, but I couldn’t find the nerve to jump out of my shell. Finally, a great photographer named Mike Villalpando, whom I worked with, convinced me to go on the the 2011 Yokohama Chinatown photo walk together. I had a blast!

Although I’m very hesitant to join groups, I met a number of great people. Some of the group I continue to follow on Facebook and 500px. All very talented photographers – Miwako Tamura,  and Adithya Anand, are two that jump right to mind.

Regardless, I had a great time. We explored Yokohama’s bustling Chinatown, took countless photos and had a great time. I am forever grateful that Mike joined me that afternoon and made it easy to be a part of a group.


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